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Why is Leak Detection Important?

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Water leaks are a key cause of property damage and also responsible for the wastage of a crucial natural resource. Water leaks promote mold growth that can create health problems for the property’s inhabitants.

Water leak detection is the very important first step towards stopping the leakage. If unchecked, even a small leak can soon escalate into a catastrophic water intrusion incident. Timely water leak detection and subsequent water leak repair help in:

  • Conserving water
  • Averting structural and other damage to the property
  • Protecting furniture, carpets, and appliances from water damage
  • Preventing health risks from mold/mildew
  • Avoiding interruption in business
  • Checking unreasonably high utility bills

Safeguard yourself against the damaging consequences of water leaks! Call Hagee Plumbing for water leak detection and water leak repair the moment you suspect water/drain line leakage on your property.

Water Leak Detection Services for Water Lines and Drain Lines
Most water leaks are hidden as water and drain lines are mainly installed underground or within walls and the ceiling. Still, leaks manifest themselves through symptoms such as spiraling water bills, the sound of running water and mysterious puddles in the yard.

You should call our water leak detection experts without delay. Our technicians combine their skills and experience with advanced water leak detection technologies to locate the leak at its exact source. Our water leak detection services aim at complete accuracy and don’t rely on guesswork.

We strive to serve you with the finest in water leak detection services by utilizing:

  • State-of-the-art water leak detection equipment
  • Technicians with vigorous training in water leak detection
  • Non-invasive water leak detection techniques

Water Leak Repair and New Water or Drain Line Installations
After correct water leak detection, we look at fixing the leak with the most appropriate and cost-effective water leak repair method. Leakage in relatively new water or drain lines can usually be resolved with spot water leak repair. Meanwhile, water leak repair for old, worn-out water/drain lines may involve the installation of new pipes.

Our water leak repair experts:

  • Evaluate the leakage issue
  • Discuss the water leak repair alternatives with you
  • Start working on the chosen water leak repair option
  • Complete water leak repair as fast as possible

Throughout the water leak detection and water leak repair process, our focus is on minimizing the damage to your yard, avoiding disruption in your life, controlling your expenses and reducing your hassles.